Our Collaborators

University of Birmingham, UK

University of Birmingham(UoB) has many track records in atrial fibrillation research and successfully led changes in atrial fibrillation management in the UK and European countries. UoB is key to developing clinical risk scores that have been adopted worldwide to identify patients with atrial fibrillation requiring oral anticoagulation for stroke prevention, and those at increased risk of bleeding. This research aims to protect every heartbeat, thereby helping to fight heart failure, stroke and sudden death.

In collaboration with University of Jaffna(UoJ) has proposed a simple 3-step approach (the ‘ABC pathway’) to streamline primary and secondary care atrial fibrillation management, i.e.  Avoid stroke (anticoagulation), Better symptom management (with rate or rhythm control) and Cardiovascular/Comorbidity risk management.

University of Jaffna

Atrial fibrillation(AF) is the major cardiac arrhythmic condition and the most common risk factor for stroke. Current prevalence and treatment efficacy of AF in  Sri Lanka as well as lost to follow up treatment in recent years are not known. Thus, the University of Jaffna (UOJ) collaborated with the University of Birmingham (UOB), who has many tracks in management of AF in the UK and related countries. The Department of Community and Family Medicine (DCFM), University of Jaffna is committed to achieving excellence in research activities, especially in collaborative studies. This collaboration has the additional benefit that it will be an opportunity for us to learn how to adapt approaches from other global healthcare settings. Furthermore, it is a golden opportunity for local researchers to improve their capacity in health care research. Obviously, early identification of AF will yield better outcomes, especially stroke prevention. Prevention of stroke will significantly reduce the workload of health care providers, the burden of caregivers and improve the quality of life of AF patients.


Nat Intensive Care Surveillance-Mahidol-Oxford Research Unit (NICS-MORU) is a UK based charity and international Non-Profit Organization, led by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and researchers from clinical care and academic backgrounds. NICS-MORU common goal of building a collaborative network to improve acute care services in low and middle-income countries network combines expertise in clinical research, health informatics, digital innovation, implementation science and education.

NICS-MORU provide the REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) web application for data collection procedure and mHealth support for the AF project- Sri Lanka. REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. It has many features, including online or offline project design.