A Norwegian delegation of 32 delegates, including 16 Norwegian clean energy companies and heads at HVL and UiB visited Sri Lanka and held meetings and discussions with authorities, public utilities and institutions in May 2018 in order to work closely on clean energy technologies.  For the details, please refer to the attachment ‘CleanEnergySeminarPresentationA5_lav.pdf’. A seminar was arranged by HVL and UoJ with the support from the Norwegian Embassy in association with Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association (SLEMA) in Colombo on the 9th of May 2018 and more than 100 participants including academics and private sector from Norway and Sri Lanka.

The Norwegian delegation’s visit to Sri Lanka in 2018 resulted in a number of initiatives from the private for research collaboration between both HVL and UoJ and the industry.

Prof. Dhayalan, Prof. Ravirajan and Prof. Kumara had a visit and held discussions with UiA and Elkem Solar and Current Solar in Kristiansand in October 2018 in initiating collaborative projects between the institutions and the private sector on solar cell technologies.

Seminar and the visits have also resulted in active collaboration between the Universities and private sectors in Norway and Sri Lanka. We have succeeded in several partnerships with the industry in involving them with research and educational projects.

  • WindSim and GEXCON, two Norwegian companies have agreed to train staff and students involved in our projects in simulation of wind energy and safety management, respectively. GEXCON signed a MoU with Univ. of Jaffna in 2019.
  • Norsk Solar, another solar energy company submitted an application to NORAD to develop floating solar systems in Sri Lanka.
  • Current Solar has installed the first Floating Solar Plant in Sri Lanka with partnership with Innovation Norway and Equinor.
  • GREENSTAT delivered  in an application to the Government of Sri Lanka in order to introduce Hydrogen energy in the transport section.

For the details, please refer to the CleanEnergySeminarPresentationA5_lav.