Ongoing and future activities in 2017/2018

  1. HVL is in the process of employing a PhD research fellow PhD in Clean Energy Policy and Management at HVL with the funding from the Norwegian Embassy. 21 Applications have been received, and the applications are now under evaluation by an external committee. The best candidate will be appointed in the coming weeks.
  2. Development of a new master curriculum at University of Jaffna on nanomaterials for clean energy technologies is underway, and the new master program will be established in May 2018.
  3. The plans to improve the laboratory facilities are underway, and a few sophisticated equipment are purchased and are on its way to University of Jaffna.
  4. New PhD and Master students are recruited at UoJ and UoP and the research activities are progressing.
  5. In collaboration with Jaffna Science Association, outreach activities under this project are focused towards 4000 High school children and major activities are planned to recruit 80 TOTs. TOTs will be trained by the experts from UoJ and NIFS, and the TOTs will then the students will get hands on training on clean energy technologies from TOT’s. A major event to highlight the outcomes of these outreach activities will be organized in May 2018.
  6. A delegation consisting academics, researchers and persons from private sector working on clean energy technologies in Norway will visit Sri Lanka in the first/second week of May and will meet their counterparts in Sri Lanka. A seminar will be arranged to discuss how to enhance collaborations between the private sector and the educational institutions in both Norway and Sri Lanka.
  7. Two research articles are already published in reputed international journals. One conference paper with peer-review is published. Two journal articles under preparation and a number of conference presentations will be done both at ISNCHA2017 and solarasia2018 conference in the coming weeks.
  8. International Symposium on Nanomaterials for Clean Energy and Health Applications (ISNCHA2017) (


HVL and Coimbatore Institute of Technology have organized an international symposium in Coimbatore, India from 6th to 10th of December 2017. University of Jaffna is also a co-organizer of the symposium and a delegation from UoJ, UoP and NIFS will participate at the international symposium. A number of academics from Norway from HVL, UiB, UiO, Univ. of Agder and IFE will attend the symposium, and will held discussions with the Sri Lankan counterparts on enhancing the research and educational activities.